Exercise Tips

Best time to do the exercises:

There is no universally perfect time to train because it depends on a person free time. If we want to do the weight training, we have to fix, onetime whether it may be in the early morning or evening or midnight (Mr. Olympia (world biggest title in Body Building) Ronnie Coleman does the exercise at every midnight) and do the exercises regularly. Don’t Change the exercise time frequently. 

Apart from free time, let we consider the following key factors which optimize our productivity 

Body temperature:
Sports scientists say that exercise performance is closely related to body temperature, which peaks for most people in the early evening.

Cortisol and Testosterone: 
Catabolism: Cortisol is a hormone that helps to regulate blood sugar by breaking down muscle tissue when necessary. This is called “catabolism.”
Anabolism: Testosterone is a hormone that helps to build muscle by utilizing proteins. This is called “anabolism.”   The ratio of testosterone to cortisol was highest in the evening because cortisol, the muscle-breaking hormone, dropped more over the day than testosterone did, providing a more anabolic, muscle-building state in the evening. 

Most of the Trainer suggestion: Evening is the best time for weight training. Morning is the best time for aerobic training. 
If we do the exercise in the morning, we must concentrate on the below instructions.

  • Proper warm up before start the exercise.
  • Weight training in the morning on an empty stomach is not a good idea because blood glucose can be low. (Diabetics can sometimes have high blood sugar in the morning.) Taking some food or juice about 30 minutes before training can help power us through the sessions.
    If we do the exercise in the evening we must concentrate on the below instruction.
  • We must complete our exercise, 4 to 5 hours before sleep. Training too late in the evening may not be good for nutritional recovery and sleep patterns.
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